Welcome to SubaruLegacy.com

What are we about?

SubaruLegacy.com is a new website, from the long established Legacy enthusiast forum, UKLegacy.com

For many years it's been our intent to have a website to accompany our community, and now there finally is one.

UkLegacy.com was established way back in 2004 and since then has built a thriving Subaru Legacy online community, and amassed a huge wealth of useful technical information on these great cars.  We now have one of the largest online Legacy owner communities.


What is on here?

While a lot of work has been done to get this site built and online, it's not yet complete.  We need your help to help suggest what the most useful and most frequently requested information is for legacy owners.

For now we have a selection of Tech Articles (mainly sourced from the forum's countless 'How To' articles) and Reference Data, again largely contrived from the forum.  There is a news page which will include information related to this site, the forum, and Subaru Legacy related news in general (in the press, and online), a Links page to other relevant web pages, a link to our forum, and some other bits of info.
We're hoping to expand on this content as time permits, in order to make the site more useful for you, and have plans on various things to be added.


Who is this all aimed at?

Anyone owning a Subaru Legacy/Liberty/Outback, or prospective buyers of these cars may find this site & forum of use and general interest. Even if you just want to know something about them, this is a great resource with tons of knowledge on these fantastic, much loved vehicles.  

Despite the forum name, we are certainly not limited to owners based in the UK, and would love to extend our welcome to people further afield & around the globe.  Indeed there are many members of our community who are internationally located already, andit'd be great to see more of you from outside the UK.  All are welcome if you have an interest in these vehicles.  This is the reason why our new website is under the domain SubaruLegacy.com, in order to appeal more to a wider audience.

Owners of other Subaru vehicles are equally welcome, although our knowledge and experience does not  extend quite as far with non Legacy models.

On our forum you will find areas for technical assistance and discussion, general subaru discussion, off topic areas of common interest, classified ads, site vendor area, and so on. 


What else can you expect?

Some of these things take a very long time to come to fruition due to other commitments (family, job, car etc!), but we hope to have further features added to the website and forum in due course, such as:

  • FAQs
  • Glossary
  • Buyers Guide

Of course if you have suggestions for other things you'd like to see on the site or forum then we'd be pleased to hear from you with your ideas.  We can't promise to implement them necessarily but this is a website and community intended to help other owners and to be an enjoyable place to be part of, so your input is important to us.

Thanks for visiting our home on the web, and I hope the website and forum have something to offer you that's both interesting and useful, and a pleasant community to become a part of.

Many thanks indeed to my pal Tony at www.xtech.im for his help in setting up this site (and previously to BigFatMike for his assistance).