History of the Subaru Legacy

Subaru's Legacy is a model that has been in production since 1989, and one that has a modest but almost fanatical following.

The Legacy comes in the form of either Saloon or Estate (Sedan/Wagon), and has traditionally offered a vehicle that ticks a huge number of boxes in respect of an ideal 'all rounder'.

  • Enjoyable and lively to drive, especially the turbocharged performance variants
  • Excellent grip & traction due to dependable AWD system
  • Robust construction & build quality
  • Good value for money
  • Excellent load capacity in the estate versions
  • A wealth of tuning and other aftermarket options available due in part to a high level of compatibility with its stablemate, the Impreza

At the time of writing (mid 2012) there have been 5 generations of Subaru Legacy since its beginning in 1989.

Gen 1 - 1989-1994 (split between 'Series1' and facelifted 'Series2' - these are considered as the 'Classic' Legacy)

Gen 2 - 1994-1999

Gen 3 - 1998-2003

Gen 4 - 2003-2009

Gen 5 - 2009-????

Many recall the original Legacy as a successful contender on the international rally circuit, and it was used competitively by many famous rally drivers, but perhaps most notably the late, great Colin McRae.

It was only the first generation of Legacy that was ever really used for rallying, but the performance theme has remained throughout the Legacy timeline since then, with turbocharged models ranging from 197bhp in the UK Turbo Gen1 cars, up to 2??bhp