Clean your MAF Sensor

I've been oo'ing and aah'ing about this for a while now..  so many stories of wrecked MAF's and killing them by cleaning...

First of all, I went out and got a can of electrical contact cleaner.. Its just bog standard alcohol, very high percentage... and completely evaporates leaving no trace, but in the liquid state will eat/dissolve almost anything (Read: Foreign contaminants)

So, open your bonnet and disconnect the maf, undo the jubilee clip that holds it onto the air pipe, and undo the air box clips... take the thing inside somewhere with decent lighting.

You should have something along the lines of this:

Simply undo the 4 bolts so you only have this, Notice the finger prints on the mesh.. dirty bugger!

Pop out the mesh, be careful as it might be stuck, you can accidentally stretch the mesh or bend the rim... as I found out the hard way at a later step.
Ok trailing end.. not to bad bit of oil film but nothing serious I can see

Facing end... Insert girly scream here.. need Kim and Aggie.. 

A picture of the facing end gubbins inside.. closeup

Royally sprayed with the cleaner stuff.. outside.. facing away from yourself.. (This isn't stoner ville, solvent abuse 1 o 1. )

Still some mess around the gubbins "finger"

I used some tissues and wiped away the excess cleaner, taking care NOT to touch the middle gubbins.. 
Look at my clean tissue:

I then got a cotton bud and gently... VERY gently twisted and rubbed it around the gubbins.. touching them ever so lightly.. (Twinkle toes..)
This is what I got off the actual sensor wires and the inside of the "finger"

I then got another cotton bud and twisted and pulled the end of it to make it flatter and softer... I then sprayed it with the cleaner and repeated the cleaning of the sensor wires and got this again (Notice the flared top)

I did it once more but got nothing off it... so it must mean its clean!

I sprayed the mesh with the cleaner and wiped it down, and then shoved the thing back together, which was a puta.. i managed to stretch the wire and bend the ring as somehow its slightly compressed into place.. the wires are secure so I'm not worried about them coming loose and getting sucked into the engine. 

So you have a nice shiny thing like this:

Then simply bolt back onto air box and refit in car.

I'm yet to stick it back into the car, I did an Evoscan log of a cold start for 1 min pre cleaning, and have yet to do another one now with the same conditions to see if there is an actual change in readouts from the MAF at idle RPM cold start. I will post it once I get my arse in gear and make a pretty graph.

Any comments are welcome