Fit sound deadning for £3.50 a Door

Hi guys n girls this really is my first how to guide with loads of pics its fairly straight forward and alot cheaper than dynamat,and gives quite good results .

What you need is 

1.Tools to take your Door card off

2.One Kitchen Knife used a Old Bread Knife Nicked one out of the drawer in the kitchen 

3.One Sharpe Blade 

4.Small Flat head

5.One Roll Of EvoStik FlashBand As Per Pic,Picked up from Focus For £12 with the 25% going out of buisness discount .

Remove Speaker and unplug it Wipe the back of the door make sure its nice and clean

Roll Out the flashing and cut in to 2 or 3 small squares

Apply to the inside of the door and press on hard you can double the layers up .

Apply The flashing Over the hole for the speaker Cut the hole out with your kictchen knife and cut and remove the flashing from over the square plastic screw holes then refit speaker.