How to Remove & Disassemble a Wing Mirror

This How To should be helpful to anyone who needs to:

1. Remove the complete wing mirror to replace it
2. Fix a wing mirror with parts from another one (e.g. different colour)
3. Replace a cracked / broken / smashed mirror

- Big phillips screw driver
- Medium phillips screw driver
- Maybe a socket set (bracket bolts can be very tight)
- Prying tools, one or more of the following: Flat blade screw drivers, pallet knife, metal prying tools

1. Remove the tweeter and door card. Disconnect the cable going to the wing mirror at it's plug a few inches down from the window.

2. The wing mirror is held on with three bolts, the top one is in plain sight, the bottom right is behind a rubber/plastic grommet, the bottom left is behind the big chunk of rubber door seal affair- this will pull out of the way, it doesn't need to be removed.

Remove the three bolts, and the wing mirror will pull straight off. On my car, these bolts were very tight, so I put a socket on them instead.

3. Take the mirror to a work bench. The glass has a plastic border around it, we need to separate these two. They're held together with two strong adhesive pads, one on each side of the mirror.

Take your prying tool and gently wedge it between the plastic frame and glass, gently wriggle it so it's vertical and is wedging the frame away from the glass. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PRY THE GLASS UP.

Posted Image

Take a second prying tool and gently work your way around one end of the mirror, prying the frame off of the glass.

When you get a chance to get the prying tool flat under the glass, slide it under and probe around the the sticky pad. You will be able to simply push the tool through the foam pad, rather than trying to fight the glue.

Repeat this on the other side of the mirror, and you'll have the glass off without breaking it.

Gently lift up the glass, behind it will be two spade connectors for the heater element. Pull them off, and set the glass aside.

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4. There will be a screw in the centre of the plastic frame. Remove it, and then the frame will pull out of the housing. It requires a little bit of force, but will pull straight out.

5. Next we need to prepare the cable for removal. Each pin has a small plastic lever under it, use a micro screwdriver to pry the plastic lever down, and the pin will pull out the back.  Check the wire colours against these photos- if they're different, make sure you photograph the plug first so you can see where the pins go back in!

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Posted Image

The foam on the bracket hides a small cable run, you'll need to pull some of it away to dig the cable out to where it passes through to the mirror.

6. Now look at the underside of the mirror- there are three screws holding the housing to the bracket, then there is a plastic insert to fill the gap around the hinge. This insert will pry out with a screw driver.

7. In the housing there are four screws attaching the inner frame to the outer housing. Remove these. The internals are now free, and with the cable's plug removed, you can pull the whole lot out the front of the mirror.

8. Do any more work you need to do and then reassemble in reverse order!